We can not solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them. Albert Einstein


How to Grow in saturated Markets.

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  • Experience based on more than 300 projects for more than 100 customers
  • Measurably better results across industries
  • Strategies, Innovation, Change Management, Digitization
  • Scientifically sound, interdisciplinary, innovative, reliable
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Why Carpe Viam

When things are not moving ahead in your company and the future is vague, then you’re in the right place here. We support you in achieving your goals with clarity and drive, even in difficult situations and saturated markets.

Working with us, you develop strategies which are effective and long-lasting, furthermore suiting your company. Because we work with your staff and, based on that, develop comprehensive strategies for your success. That’s what we call Next Generation Consulting.

Working with us, you use systems to recognize patterns and to use them for your success. One of our very special systems is “7 Keys to Growth”, which allows you to navigate your business precisely. That’s what we call Business Empowerment Transformation.

What you should also know: We provide you with more than 20 years of experience, comprehensive competences, hundreds of successful projects and scientifically based approaches. This is your quality guarantee.

The passion for growth is driving us – with impact for better results, developed by humans with bright minds and new thoughts. Growth creates the highest value-added for your company and is furthermore a valuable contribution to our prosperity. That is what makes us going the extra mile again and again. 

Solutions for you

Target your challenges with the right solutions. 

Analyze to Grow

Business Analysis, Root Cause Analysis

Strategize to Grow

Company Vision, Growth Strategies, Innovation, Start-ups, R&D Management, Corporate Services

Change to Grow

Leadership as a Handcraft, Change Management, Change Agents, Enabling Implementation™

Digitize to Grow

Digitization, Marketing Automation

Master Complexity to Grow

Due Diligence, Post-Merger Integration, Restructuring, Crises, Conflicts

Or simply take advantage of us as a Sparring Partner. For many of our current clients, this was an ideal start for our trustful cooperation.

Our customers (excerpt):

What our clients say:

  • „The cooperation is precise, goal-oriented and with specific tasks for immediate implementation. It is demanding, never pre-given or ‘preached‘. No one is left alone during the process.“
  • „Handing over responsibility to other areas or the periphery is not an option. Focus is on goals and results as well as on getting things accomplished.“
  • „Precise, humorous, practical and useful for my daily business. This is advancing me and the whole company.“


Things are not going as well as they could in your company? You are looking for someone who assists you to achieve your goals with clarity and drive, even in difficult situations and saturated markets?

Then you are right here. Because I work with your managers and, based on that, develop the strategies that suit your company.

Maybe you have already assigned one of the big strategy consultancies and then realized that implementation was limited. Maybe you even observed decreasing results due to high resistances or an improper concept.

Maybe you have also hired coaches and trainers to support your staff. Later you found out that, even though everybody was happy, your strategic issues persisted. Because the actual topics have not been addressed.

So, if you’re looking for someone who works well with your executives and teams, and, with six years of McKinsey experience, is able to analyze your situation clearly, to provide you with conclusive strategies and measures for implementation, then put your trust on me.

With your managers and teams, I work as a coach with a calm view on strengths. Then, as a consultant, I develop a comprehensive overall strategy so that you gain a results-oriented program for your success.

If you believe this is interesting, then lets talk. Call me, come to us to Duesseldorf – or invite me to your site.

I am very much looking forward to talking to you!


Anja Henke

PS: Simply send us a mail contact@carpeviam.com or give us a call +49-211-30122202. If your request is more complex, my assistant will gladly arrange a non-committal conference call.

In the press:

Certified Coaches / International Coach Federation ICF since 2005

Certified for Marketing Automation / Klick-Tipp Academy since 2017

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