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Strategies and change management for business growth

We support decision makers with an integrated approach for innovative strategies and secure change management to realize sustainable added value.


Result: success and attractiveness.


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Added value through corporate growth

Use the wealth of opportunities for growth and productivity with us. Avert the threat of loss of value and create new, lasting value.

We support you with integrated procedures to build up the required mentality, competencies and processes and to anchor them in the company. You will only find this with us: The successful symbiosis of strategy, leadership, change management and further development.

The implementation is simple: Solve specific individual problems or realize growth with our POWER PROGRAMS.

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You gain more sales, profit and company value, unique position, technology and market leadership, adaptability and speed.

Implementation: Services for your success


Rely on analyses that go far beyond the numbers, such as with the Strategy Dialog.


Solve problems with targeted, such as with Strategy intensive for your strategy development or Change Management compact for methods and processes. Or involve your teams directly with workshops, about with the Workshop Strategic targets for common priorities or the Strategy Workshop Potentials to quantify your growth opportunities. 


Realize business growth by combining the success factors of leadership, strategy and execution. “Leading to Growth” is designed for continuous improvement of results, “Self Renewal” for fundamental transformation.

Deepen power programs with masterminds on focus topics, about the Mastermind Organic Growth for strong strategies or the Mastermind Disruptive Innovation for the successful cooperation between the Group and the start-up.


Use these special dialogues for reflection (Executive Coaching & Consulting) or for operational hurdles (Business Coaching Plus). At the same time, these conversations are the powerful implementation support for our power programs.


Take hand-picked knowledge into your hands, such as the Emotional Intelligence Handbook oder die Cards Behavioral Economics.


You can find all services in our Shop or in dialog with us, phone +49 (0) 211 – 23855 202.


 “Remarkable are the excellent questions, analysis and recommendations I have received. Solutions are always tailored to the company and situation.” – Member of the Executive Board Automotive

Interview with Dr. Anja Henke

Unternehmensberatung neu gedacht by Dr. Anja Henke

When you think of management consulting, do you think of a team of consultants sitting in the company for months? Of analyses in a quiet closet and ready-made solutions? Of job cuts and fears? … One thing is for sure: We are definitely not.


With us, you develop strategies to improve the results with your resources. This is done in dialogue with you and your teams. You implement the agreed measures directly. At the next meeting, we look at where you are and go from there. We support you by the day and by the hour, so that your business continues to run well. This is how you move mentality, strengthen critical competencies and anchor additional processes.

You develop the people and organization. That arevaluable and consistent competitive advantages.


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Your Dr. Anja Henke, Founder and Managing Director Carpe Viam



“I find your way simply wonderful to use existing potential in companies well and in the long term, to do this together with employees and to develop them in the process.” – Executive Family Office

Carpe Viam

Your turnaround for growth, systematically of course


Dr. Anja Henke

Expert on business growth, founder of Carpe Viam




Books, studies, professional articles on business growth


Dr. Anja Henke, Corporate Growth

Management Consulting

What Our Clients Say


  • “The cooperation is concrete, goal-oriented and with recommendations for action or specific tasks for direct implementation. It is demanded, not ‘preached’; thereby no one is left to his own devices.”
  • “Shifting responsibility to other areas or the environment is not an option. The focus is on the goals and results, as well as their own design.”
  • “Precise, humorous, practical and practical for my daily business. This brings me and the company forward.”

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“It’s best to have me right next to you as your personal sparring partner!”

Your Dr. Anja Henke, Business Growth Expert and Managing Director Carpe Viam

Company growth
Dr. Anja Henke, Unternehmenswachstum



Strategien und Change für profitables Wachstum. Jetzt abonnieren.

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