Problems can not be resolved at the same level at which they originated.   Albert Einstein


Why is working with us worthwhile for you? There are many good reasons.

  • Specialized. More than 20 years for your success, for growth and profits.
  • Interdisciplinary. With the full range of skills required.
  • Effective. Smooth out root causes instead of fighting symptoms.
  • Results-oriented. From concept development up to your measurable results.
  • Attentive. Your resources treated with care as we work on a per hour and per day basis.
  • Sustainable. Your long-term benefits by anchored achievements.

Learn more: 33 good reasons for Carpe Viam.


Why Carpe Viam - 33 good reasons

With us, you develop strategies that really work. Here are your advantages.

1. You achieve measurably better results.

2. You receive prompt solutions and immediate actions.

3. You smooth out root causes.

4. You therefore act with impact.

5. You immediately implement measures.

6. You act in a reliable way and gain trust.

7. You act with a system, with logic and precision.

8. You always act with confidence.

9. You develop repeatable solutions.

10. You establish sustainable improvements

11. You gain flexibility.

12. You act efficiently, make best use of your resources.

13. You apply well-proven methods and processes.

14. You apply scientifically based methods and processes.

15. You are demanding.

16. You call for change.

17. You enable for required changes.

18. You take action based on strengths.

19. You establish uniqueness.

20. You shape the future.

21. You realize solutions which are surprisingly different.

22. You walk on quiet soles and move even more.

23. You achieve your goals quickly.

24. You develop solutions based on dialogue.

25. You develop solutions which match the company.

26. You achieve broad approval.

27. You connect between different interests.

28. You gain solutions that are implemented.

29. You always have transparency on measures and results.

30. You provide clear orientation.

31. You create attractive future perspectives.

32. You enhance your reputation.

33. You always create win-win situations.

Thus, you hold all the cards for your success.



Dr. Anja Henke is the founder and Managing Director of Carpe ViamGmbH. She is a natural scientist, was a McKinsey consultant, is a Certified Coach and a proven growth expert. She successfully led a large number of national and international projects. Her book “How to Grow in Saturated Markets” was published 2015 by in Springer Gabler, Germany. In addition, she is the author of numerous specialist articles and key-note speaker.
The Carpe Viam team is at your disposal with comprehensive expertise.
  • Alice Leder
  • Elke Raml
  • Jürgen Bache
  • Silke Thompson
  • Britta Naumann
  • Anja Gerber-Oehlmann
  • Clyde Moss
  • Ralf Wolter
  • Iris Clermont
  • Luisa Girola


We work in close cooperation with other specialists and with science.
  • compartner AG, Herr Ingo Lüdke
  • Ostfalia Hochschule für Angewandte Wissenschaften, Herr Prof. Dr. Achim Michalke
  • Hochschule RheinMain, Herr Prof. Dr. Markus Petry
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