Solutions for your growth success

This is a brief overview on specific solutions for your growth success. You may book them individually or as packages. The solutions are based on the “9 keys to growth”.

Your solutions

Lasting solutions through a business analysis with the employees

Are you in a difficult situation? It is not straightforward what kind of action needs to be taken? These can be conflicts, disorientation or crises.

Here, in close alignment with you, we conduct structured interviews with your managers and employees. This is how we assess the situation and develop the appropriate solution for you.

You gain specific measures for success. You enhance the commitment of your employees. In addition, you have in mind the dynamics and personalities as well as potential organizational hurdles. Thereby, you creates a solid foundation for growth, as you often smooth out bottlenecks with this project. Depending on scope, this business analysis takes 4-12 weeks.

Alignment for common goals with the “Must-win Battles”

Your teams are at odds regarding goals and priorities? Everyone looks at the own area of responsibility? You lose sight of the big picture? A lot of energy is lost by constantly changing priorities? You know that you need more alignment and collaboration?

In a carefully prepared workshop we use the “Must-win Battles” as a structured process to develop common priorities. Following that, you jointly agree on the way of implementation.

You gain clear priorities for the company’s success and measures for implementation. Beyond that, you align the team and company for success and ensure clarity, focus and responsibility. You pave the way for better results. The workshop “Must-win Battles” lasts 1.5-2 days, plus preparation time.

Root cause analysis to avoid the treatment of symptoms

You work hard for the success of your business, but sometimes you feel like in “Groundhog Day“, reliving the same experience over and over again? Always same issues are to be solved…

These are clear signs that you work on symptoms, rather than on root causes. You can quickly identify the root causes together with us. In a structured workshop we start with the obvious symptoms and then, step by step, move to the root causes together.

You gain new insights and additional strategies for success. Thus you use your valuable resources in an optimized and productive way. The root cause analysis takes about 1-2 days, plus preparation time.

Fast approach to growth by "Tapping into the full Potential"

You aim to achieve better growth results fast and without lengthy strategy changes? You know there is untapped potential in your business – your streets are paved with gold?

Then the growth strategy “Tapping into the full Potential” is exactly right for you. With five simple steps you identify existing growth opportunities, develop measures and steer implementation. Centerpiece is the “Strategy Workshop Potential”, in which you estimate the amount of growth opportunities and develop specific starting points. Make use of individual modules or the overall five steps. The growth strategy “Tapping into the full Potential” starts with around one week of our cooperation.

Problem solving for strategists: logic is nice, but not enough

You have many bright people in your strategy department, but you are still not satisfied with the results and growth successes? You assume that quite some growth opportunities are not on the radar?

This possibility is real, because logic and data analytics are helpful, however do not replace cross-linked thinking. Here with us, you obtain different problem solving methods, logical-linear and systemic-integrative.

With their application you discover new opportunities, especially for innovation and renewal. At the same time, you acquire valuable strategic competencies and additional strategic options for growth. Problem solving for strategists can be applied in targeted workshops or as a support for your strategy development.

Digitization strategy for the entire company

You are in the midst of digitization and still wonder if you are using all the opportunities? You realize huge digital projects, but some parts of the company seem to be detached? Or you are still examining how you approach digitization?

Here with us, you receive an approach to leverage digitization across the whole company, from guiding principles to processes and employees. This enables you to keep an eye on all aspects of digitization. Based on that, you can get into the details with the respective specialists in a very targeted manner.

With this procedure, you can digitally renew your company and set it up for the future. The digitization strategy starts with a few days on methodology, procedures and case studies. Of course, we are available to assist you in your strategy development.

More change success and agility using targeted competence impulses

The implementation of your strategies or projects falters? Changes do not go down well into the organization? Your people lack critical know-how?

Then make use our competence impulses to eliminate bottlenecks in a targeted way. With sequences of 2-3-hours you provide the skills needed to succeed, such as comfort zones, resistance, time management, adjustments or stress types. At the same time, you address possible doubts and worries of your employees with this approach.

You gain speed and reliability of implementation. In addition, you empower your employees in a lasting way, to be prepared for the next change. You implement initial competence impulses within as little as 3-5 days.

Always ahead of competition through vital continuous improvement

Are mistakes kept under the table? Is feedback easily regarded as an attack on routines or people? Is it difficult to build on achievements and optimizations?

If this is the case, we support you for a culture of learning: using mistakes as a learning opportunity and steering progress with transparent metrics. Starting point is a short analysis or “Kaizen-Check”, in which we determine strengths, weaknesses and action needs. Based on this, we develop your specific package of measures.

You increase your productivity and establish crucial competitive advantages. Toyota is using this strategy with great success. The results of the “Kaizen-Check” are available for you within 1-2 weeks.

Leadership as a craft and leadership as an art

Do you have many technical experts in your leadership roles? Are there different understandings of leadership? Do you sometimes doubt whether you possess the required leadership skills in the company? That is a quite common concern today.

Therefore, make use of us to professionalize leadership in your company and to align it towards growth. This includes leadership processes, tasks and competences. Implementation is done with a modular approach along your requirements.

You reduce bottlenecks, gain clarity, orientation and adaptability. You increase the motivation and commitment of the workforce. You mobilize the whole organization. You can apply “leadership as a craft” from 3-5 days onwards.

Strategies for your industry

Bank of the future - breaking new ground with the 3x3 point program

Are you at your wits´ end regarding the realignment of your bank? Did your cost programs or growth initiatives not generate the desired outcomes? Then start a new approach with our 3×3 point plan “Bank of the Future”.

The 3×3 point program “Bank of the Future” works on different levels which are interconnected synergetically: strategy change, mindset change, leadership change. This is based on scientific studies and long years of practice, even during the financial crisis. These are the key differences that make sure that you gain measurable results.

You obtain solutions that really work for growth. You realize measurably better results. You gain a clear path into the future. Getting started is easy for you: Simply set up a small team that develops the appropriate strategic concept for you within just a few weeks.

Foundries - renewal for companies in the steel-related industry

If you find yourself in constant price wars and are threatened by a flock of new competitors, then you may be wondering how your business can continue to thrive. Or how your business can exist in the future.

If you take a decision for renewal, we support you with the right strategies: building on existing strengths, developing innovative business models, conquering new markets. This is flanked by building change skills, so your implementation succeeds quickly. You gain the power of action, future perspectives and agility. Starting point is a short business analysis to determine your specific fields of action. This is achieved with a few days of your effort.

Medical technology - using the paradigm shift for growth

Do you increasingly feel under pressure with your company? Not just through regulation, but especially through innovation and digitization? Do you aim for sustainable and reliable strategies for your success, for today and tomorrow?

With us, you take advantage of the current paradigm shifts for your competitive edge, whether it is exploring cross-industry ecosystems or data as a business foundation. This includes an attitude of opportunity seeking and a stringent strategy development from exploiting potential to expanding the business to conquering new markets. Furthermore, you ensure solid change processes together with us.

You gain new perspectives and specific strategies. You leverage ongoing changes for development and renewal. You foster speed of implementation and adaptability. Starting point is a short business analysis to define your strategic focus areas. This can be realized with a few days of your commitment.

Growth and the human being

Learning Assessment – leadership development with learning by doing

Do your leadership development programmes focus on theories and concepts? Do you want more immediate implementation with rigorous results for your company’s success? Because people are crucial for your growth success, especially managers.

Make use of our Learning Assessment, a unique format with hands-on learning, reflection, team work and on-stage presentations, followed by sound feedback. This is achieved with a business simulation. The Learning Assessment is in the field for many years, always with great success.

Your managers are learning by doing. They use failure and reflection to adapt their behavior faced with stress, insecurity and conflict. This directly contributes to your business success and profitable growth.

Contact us for your tailor-made Learning Assessment.

Horse Assisted Assessment – for proper staffing decisions

How important do you consider the right staffing of your leadership positions? Are you sure you have all the required skills in mind during the decision making process? The right manager at the right place is essential for the growth success of your company.

If you want to securely staff your crucial positions, use our Horse Assissted Assessment. You move beyond the pure human judgement which is often biased and gain insights on behavior, strengths and improvement areas. Complement the Horse Assisted Assessment with structured interviews or other formats.

You gain reliability for your decision. You take a look at key competences, which otherwise are often ignored. You pave the way for the lasting success of your company.

Call us to book your tailor-made Horse Assisted Assessment.

Of course, this is only part of what we offer you as experts for your growth success.

Therefore, just give us a call for more information.

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